ABEL PUMPSPositive Displacement Membrane Pumps

AERZEN BLOWERSHigh Speed Turbo Blowers and Positive Displacement Blowers

AlgEvolveAlgae treatment for reduction of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, TSS, BOD, PCBs and Trace Metals

AMBIO BiofiltrationIn-ground Bio-Filters, Photoionization, Corona Discharge

ANDRITZBelt Filter Presses, Centrifuges, Screens, Gravity Belt Thickeners, Thermal Sludge Dryers

BLUE WATER TECHNOLOGIESPhosphorus Removal, and Nitrate Removal

CORIXManufacturer of high-quality packaged, modular and design-build water and wastewater treatment plants for use in municipal and industrial applications

E & I CORP.Bar Screens, Traveling Water Screens, Grit Removal, Rectangular Collectors, Flocculators, Surface Skimmers, Telescoping Valves

ENDURO COMPOSITESOdor Control Systems including Carbon Adsorber System, Chemical Wet Scrubber and Bio Filters

ENTEX TECHNOLOGIESIntegrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge Systems

5 STAR FILTRATIONDisk Filters and Upflow Sand Filters

FLO TREND SYSTEMS, INC.Dewatering Containers, Oil Water Separators, Filter Presses, Eductors, Jet Shears

FOURNIER Rotary Press, Mobile Dewatering Equipment

FRANKLIN MILLERGrinders, Screens, Screening Washer Compactors, Septage Receiving Stations

KWS MANUFACTURINGScrew Conveyors and Solids Handling Systems

LEMNA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.Insulated Covers, Aerated Lagoons

RP ADAMSFiltration and Heat Transfer Products

SIEMENS ENERGYTurblex, Single-Stage Aeration Blowers and Systems

SSI INTERNATIONALFine Bubble Diffusers, Coarse Diffusers, Membranes, Fixed Grid Aeration and Retrievable Systems

STEEL FAB INC.Fabricated Structural Steel

THERMAL PROCESS SYSTEMSATAD (Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion)

TONKA WATERArsenic Removal, Pressure Filters, Gravity Filters, Ion Exchange, Packaged Treatment Equip.


ULTRAFLOTEAluminum Covers and Domes

VELODYNELiquid and Dry Polymer Feed Systems

WHIPPS, INC.Stainless Steel Side and Sluice Gates, Aluminum Gates, Stop Logs and Stop Gates, and Flag Gates